“I was walking the job-site with my Risk Management consultant last week. He noticed one of my guys on a ladder who was reaching too far outside the rails. We stopped him and repositioned the ladder, immediately improving his safety and reducing the risk of a potentially deadly fall.”
– Builders Mutual customer


Our Risk Management consultants serve as valuable resources for our customers by helping to improve safety practices and awareness on your job-sites and, ultimately, your bottom line. Read on to learn more about this valuable, often-untapped, relationship.


Profitability partners

By definition, the Builders Mutual Risk Management staff is dedicated to supporting your business success by providing resources like job-site safety surveys to help you identify possible risks and recommending straightforward, easy-to-implement solutions to minimize losses and promote OSHA compliance. But more than that, our Risk Management consultants establish and maintain interdependent relationships with our customers. By getting to know your business, your Risk Management consultant works closely with you to assess exposures, analyze potential hazards, and help ensure your employees can work—and return home—safely.

This is where safety and profit meet.

When an employee is injured or a loss occurs, the impact to your bottom line is significant. Your business may suffer as you deal with the loss of the employee and his or her expertise, hire a temporary replacement, address morale issues and face potential OSHA violation penalties. Not to mention, your insurance premium could increase. All of these factors directly affect profitability. Preventing the injury in the first place means that time is not lost and those expenses don’t materialize. The result: a safer workplace that leads to greater profits.

Your Risk Management consultant is included as a value-added service when you are a Builders Mutual customer.  The more you take advantage of this partnership, the more benefit you receive from your policy. Builders Mutual has created a library of risk management resources, and your consultant will share the ones most relevant to your business and show you how to best implement them. Whether through training materials, on-site education, or safety-policy documentation, our Risk Management assets are already part of your business arsenal—you just need to use them. We help minimize risk so you can maximize profits, all while preventing claims, which is good for everyone. 

Relationships matter

The foundation of any strong relationship is trust. The same holds true here. Our Risk Management consultants are here to support your success.  We know your business, whether residential or commercial. And we know the role of every person it takes to get the job done right, from roofers and framers to excavators and plumbers. 

Risk Management consultants follow up on any claim or job-site accident, but their primary role is to help make sure it doesn’t happen again. We’ll provide the safety tips and training needed to bolster job-site capability and restore confidence.  Whether you reach out or we initiate a visit, your Risk Management consultant will recommend safety resources or equipment needed to keep your employees safe and then we will follow up with training for your crew.

With 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Builders Mutual’s Risk Management staff are the experts at protecting you, your employees, and your business. We are on the site, by your side until the job is done.

Make the most of your Builders Mutual policy, and boost your bottom line. Contact your risk management consultant to set up a job-site visit today.